Capabilities and Components

Machine Tending Robot Solutions from ICA

ICA builds automated machine tending robots for the manufacturing industry. Our turnkey robotic systems are programmed for

  • Redundant work
  • Safely accessing machinery and loading/unloading parts
  • Oily, dirty or hot parts handling
  • Heavy parts handling
  • Multiple machine tending


  • Space Saving Gantries
  • Innovative Cell Technology
  • No-Slip-Grid Flooring for CNC Machine Tending
  • Side Access Doors
  • Laser Marking

Space Saving Gantries

Save valuable manufacturing floor space with an overhead gantry. We design and build our own gantries in-house – no waiting for third-party delivery.

Innovative Cell Technology

Our proprietary cell construction allows us to get your lines up and running in short order, limiting downtime on your floor. We have the expertise to shorten installation times by days, weeks or even months over our competition.

No-Slip-Grid Flooring for CNC Machine Tending

Our No-Slip-Grid Flooring keeps your employees safe from slippery or corrosive materials that are splattered in the milling and parts changeover process. The No-Slip-Grid contains any liquids, keeping them from leaking across your floor.

Side Access Doors

We customize side access doors on machining and milling machinery, complete with sliding windows and seals to keep contaminants away.

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